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About is built by NFT traders for NFT traders. We’ve flipped the NFT sniping model on its head and offer Sniping as a Service: Gone are the days of filling out CSV files and setting up VPSs and RPC nodes – is a plug and play experience that works out of the box and offers sniping speed and precision with a simple and effective user interface.

Set your snipes and forget about them until you get notified about your purchases through telegram. Welcome to the new breed of on chain snipers on Solana, welcome to

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Our Team


Dev, dev, and more dev! Went full-stack on and built the backend, API, discord bot, webapp, and dashboard analytics. As the dev of the team it was my responsibility to make the executive decisions on system architecture and tech stack.



I guess I’m the fun guy in the group because I get to do the majority of the write up for the project (stories, taglines, pitch) as well as the voiceovers and creation of the demo videos.




I worked mainly on the UI/UX of the project, with sole objective to provide the users with a positive visual experience while using the website interface.




A lone horseman rides across a dusty plain. He comes to a stop under the shadow of a tree, takes off his hat and dusts it off on the side of his steed before setting it back on his head. He takes a quick look around, observing the hills that surround him. They were made from earth that were various hues of red, orange and even purple. A clear sign that he was close.

He calmly pushes his shades back up the ridge of his nose then taps the side to bring up his overlay. Information streams across his eyes and he takes it all in. Live position, current value locked, liquidity, assets and resource summaries were immediately visible, as well as a notification blinking red in the top corner. He accesses the notification menu with a quick eye flick and is greeted with a familiar face displayed on a bounty card. He raises an eyebrow at the reward and draws a sharp breath when he reads the last known location. Things just got more complicated. He drills down into resources and finds his sniper. He sets the sniper to manual mode and instantly the sniper rifle materializes slung across his back. The ominous black metal was streaked with yellow and the scope glinted in the sun. Normally he would never advertise possessing an asset that conferred such power but the information he just received meant there was no time to lose, and a solset sniper opened many doors. He taps his shades to turn off the overlay and digs his heels into the sides of his stallion. With one gloved hand handling the reins he rides towards the setting sun, he rides towards Solar City.

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